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Home of the Red-tail Hawks – TO GOD BE THE GLORY

At Rogue Valley Adventist Academy, we are concerned with not only the intellectual dimension of our student, but also with growth and development spiritually, socially and physically.  Interscholastic athletics are viewed from a Christian perspective.  The development and demonstration of Christ-like traits are its overriding goals. 

As a student-athlete is challenged to excel in the pursuit of glorifying the Lord Jesus Christ, he or she is also to move toward emotional maturity and skill proficiency.  Students are challenged to have a Christian attitude toward winning and not adopt the worldly attitude of winning at all costs. Participation in athletics and other activities is governed by the OSAA of which Rogue Valley Adventist Academy is a member.

The mission of RVAA’s Athletic Program is to provide a setting in which students can experience the joy of movement through the medium of sport in a Seventh-day Adventist, Christ-centered environment as they engage in activities that promote the development of the whole person physically, mentally, spiritually, emotionally, and socially. 

The primary goal of athletics at RVAA is to provide a program that develops a Christ-like character in all student athletes, encourages physical activity and fitness, builds individual and teamwork skills, develops commitment and perseverance, promotes school pride, and provides opportunities for positive witness in the community.

Girl's Volleyball

Our Girls Volleyball Team has grown a ton in the last few years! We offer volleyball starting in grade 5 to help our younger girls get a feel for the game and sharpen their skills, but when they get to high school things get serious! A higher level of commitment is required from both the player and the coach.


We are a part of the Mountain Valley League, a 1A league that is a member of the OSAA, and with that membership comes a commitment to practicing daily and improving consistently to work our way to the league playoffs. Our girls won our league championship and made it to the State Championship final 8 tournament last year for the first time! Their hard work paid off!

Our girls are committed to Christ and spreading his love and good news. After every game our girls committed to asking each team they played if they would pray with them, whether we won or lost, and almost every team agreed! That dedication has led our girls to do great things and learn a lot about God and themselves. 

Our Soccer program is set to begin its 3rd season! As our newest sport in our athletics program, our soccer team has been growing a lot over the last three seasons. We compete in a league made up of 1A to 3A teams from around Southern Oregon, and have improved our record every year as our program grows. 

Because our program competes with schools up to four times our size in student count, playing on the soccer team teaches a variety of life skills, including dedication, commitment, team work, and patience. Many of the larger schools we play really test our teams abilities and dedication, and our kids improve and grow together every year, both physically and spiritually.

Co-ed Soccer

Girls Basketball

Grades 9 through 12 can play on our girls basketball team! Coached by Mike Glasgow, our girls have made it to the Mountain Valley League Playoffs for the last several years. This last year we ended up ranking 9th out of all of the 1A schools! As with all other high school activities, success at the high school level requires additional commitment and dedication. Our girls begin conditioning with their coaches a few weeks before the season begins, then hold practices daily (excluding Sabbath) to continuously improve and be able to compete at the highest level. 

Our girls basketball team started what has become the tradition of our high school sports teams in praying with each team after every contest. Several years ago they noticed and improvement in team chemistry and growth both spiritually and as a team, and the tradition has been passed on to our other teams.


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Boys Basketball

Our Boys Varsity high school basketball program has been growing over the past 12 years. As a member of the Mountain Valley League, we compete against 9 other 1A schools from all over Southern Oregon, from Bend to Klamath Falls. As with all other high school related activities, being on this level requires an extra level of dedication and commitment. Practices are held daily during the season, with several weeks of conditioning taking place before the season starts. Additional individual work by each athlete is encouraged in the off season.

Our boys basketball team took what they learned from the girls teams and started praying with every team that was willing after our games. Through this process, our boys grew spiritually as a team and as individuals, and helped spread the love and good news of God to all that they can.

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We offer cross country to everybody in grades 5 through 8 that aren't participating in Volleyball, as the seasons overlap. Through Cross Country our middle school athletes can learn commitment, dedication, perseverance and the importance of being healthy, all while having fun and growing spiritually as an individual and team.

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Our middle school volleyball program starts in the 5th grade. We believe in developing skills early on, and we want our girls to be knowledgeable and skilled in their sport before they get to high school if possible! Volleyball teaches the girls teamwork, dedication, sportsmanship and commitment to our girls, all while growing together in Christ.


Both boys and girls can participate in our middle school basketball program to develop their skills leading into high school, while also gaining more experience in teamwork, dedication, commitment and leadership. One of the highlights of their middle school years is going up to Portland for the annual Middle School Friendship Basketball Tournament!

Thank you to our Sponsors

The funds from the RVAA Athletic Sponsorship and Banner Program goes to helping the Hawks maintain and grow a successful program each school year.  Sponsorship funds are used to enhance all aspects of the Hawks Athletics Program.

Thank you for your commitment and generosity towards our athletic department and program.

If you would like more information on the program or how to contribute, contact the business manager at

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